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CN#803 Carbonear

CN #800 Carbonear

CN #803 Carbonear

Photo taken at clarkes beach railway bridge

Clarks beach bridge 20years later

photo taken near brigus junction,carbonear branch.

Engine-805 Harbour grace newfoundland 1980's

railway bridge "Clarks Beach"

clarkes beach

Spaniards bay

Finally, the Carbonear branch was extended by a 48-mile line to Grates Cove-Bay de Verde in 1915. This extension was closed in 1930.while traces of this railway can STILL be seen in the towns of carbonear,victoria,western bay,and others.

DATED: October 12, 1883

During the past week the work of railway construction in the neighborhood of the Riverhead of this town has been prosecuted with much vigor, under the energetic management of Mr. PEIRSON, Contractor. Over two hundred and thirty men are now actively employed, and the work in their hands is making rapid progress. Not less than one mile and a quarter of new road has been partly constructed and in the course of a short time will be ready for grading. Much credit is due to Mr. PEIRSON for the very energetic manner in which the work has been entered upon. The five mile section in the neighborhood of Tilton will, we learn, be commenced on Monday. H.G. Standard.

DATED: October 26,1883

On Monday last the schooner Kate, arrived here from St. John’s with a load of railway iron besides a quantity of material for bridging purposes. On Monday next, we understand it is the intention of Mr. PIERSON, Contractor to commence laying rails on the line in the vicinity North of Otterbury WITH large numbers of these as well as of sleepers have been conveyed in and deposited along the road that in now ready to receive them.

DATED: November 16, 1883

Railway work during the past week has again been considerably retarded by the inclemency of the weather. Had it not been for this untoward circumstance, the result of this week's labors would have been a very gratifying one. As it is however, we have to report some progress in the work of railway construction effected at this end of the line. Many of the contract men having finished their respective sections of road in the vicinity of Riverhead, have with their gangs of laborers, removed to the neighborhood of Tilton and the New Harbor Road and both of which places, the work of gravelling is now being vigorously prosecuted. About a mile and a quarter of rails have also been laid and the bridge work has been vigorously pushed ahead during the past few days. The large stone plastered wall at the brook flowing into Riverhead is now fast approaching completion and will soon be ready to receive the ends of the bridge which is to span that ravine. It is to be hoped that the weather throughout the entire course of the coming week will be extreamely favorable for railway operations.

DATED: July 11,1885

Last week we made brief mention of the fact that work had lately been commenced on the Carbonear Railway Branch. We now proceed to give a few additional particulars. There are at present about 100 men at work on the line; these for the past ten days or so have been engaged in regrading the old road, for a distance of nearly three miles, preparing it for the laying of the rails. The culverts from the Harbor Grace end, in as far as Bannerman Lake have been placed in position, and it is expected that the work of track-laying will begin in the course of a short time, and that an engine will be engaged in ballasting [sic] the road about the 5th of next month. It is probable that the Branch will be connected with the Harbor Grace end of the line in the course of the coming week. Some improvements, also, have been lately affected around the station house of Harbor Grace Branch. The platform to the Westward of the building has been lengthened 30 feet, and the road graded all around the station, so that now carriages can drive from Harvey Street, close up to the platform. - Standard.

DATED: July 25, 1885

Work on the Carbonear Branch Railroad is now in active progress. There are at present 185 men employed on the line extending from the direction on Harvey Street to Maiden Pond, four miles from Carbonear. On the Harbor Grace end, four miles of the road have been graded, 1 1/2 miles of the rail laid and, as well as 1 1/2 miles more of the road ballasted. On this part of the line some fine culverts have been made, the mason-work of which is very superior. This branch-line is being constructed under the management of the road master, Mr. CONNORS, who is energetically engaged in superintending the work. Sir William WHITEWAY, I. L. McNEIL, Esq., and the Hon. John RORKE lately went over the road, and, we learn, freely express their satisfaction with the manner in which the work is being performed. On yesterday week, the laborers on the line were paid their month's wages, that is up to the end of June. We may notice here that a telegraph office has been lately placed, for the convenience of the Company, in the station house at the Harbor Grace end of the line, and that now business can be transacted over the wires without having to come into the town to do so. This of course, will be of advantage to the travelling public.