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accidents on the newfoundland railway
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DATED: Dec.10,1887

FATAL RAILWAY ACCIDENT - An accident attend with fatal results, occurred on the railway yesterday afternoon between the hours of 3 and 4 o'clock. It appears that two men named HEALY and MARTIN respectively, employees of the Railway company, together with a lad named KENNEDY, and a girl named Mary CONNORS, were on a trolly or hand car going down the North slope of Cat Hills at the rate of about fifteen miles an hour, when suddenly, rounding a curve, they perceived the train coming against them. HEALY and MARTIN immediately threw themselvles off and escaped with little or no injury, but,unfortunately, KENNEDY and the girl, who were sitting on the back part of the trolley, either did not see the train or had not time to cast themselves off before it was on them, sending them and the trolly several fee in the air. the trolly was broken into splinters and its two unfortunate passengers coming down on their heads received severe injuries. The were both picked up in an insensible condition and conveyed to Salmon Cove as soon as possible and two doctors were telegraphed for. They speedily arrived and at once decided to have the victims carried to St. John's. Before arriving there poor KENNEDY died, but the girl lived to be taken to the hospital where she died from her injuries at ten o'clock this morning. So far as we can learn not the least blame can be attached to the railway authorities. The man who had charge of the trolley was disobeying orders in running it at the time the train was expected from Harbor Grace. the collison must have been terrible, as the train was going at the rate of twenty-two miles an hour. The cow-catcher and head of engine were damaged considerably. This morning a magisterial enquiry was held before Judge Prowse. (There is a detailed statement by Mr. E.H. Saville, Manager too lengthly to be printed here). William KENNEDY, the deceased was a native of Salmon Cove, aged 19 years, and Mary CONNORS, belonged to Conception Harbour and was but 16 years old.