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The fate of CN #900
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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

A piece of Newfoundland's railroading history may be heading to the junkyard if a volunteer group cannot raise enough money to protect it. The Railway Coastal Museum in downtown St. John's is able to restore one of two surviving diesel locomotives in the city area. The fate of the other is less certain. The Newfoundland Railway, which was built to open up the island in the late 19th century, was shut down in 1988. The No. 900 locomotive the first diesel to cross the island now stands in weeds and tall grass off Mount Scio Road, in Pippy Park in the north end of St. John's. A museum used to keep that locomotive, but it closed years ago. The other diesel, No. 906, is in Bowring Park. There are plans to save both engines, but so far only enough money to restore one. If only one can be saved, the 906 will be scrapped.Railway Coastal Museum, said the museum will let the Clarenville Heritage Society pick which locomotive it wants to restore, and then claim the other.
The locomotive off Mount Scio Road must be removed from Pippy Park before Christmas, and the Clarenville Heritage Society only has $10,000 of the $25,000 it needs to move the locomotive. The space in Pippy Park has been earmarked for a new headquarters for the Easter Seals organization.
"It's an important part of our history that needs to be preserved."


CNR#900 locomotive and a Canadian National Railway dining car are expected to make the journey to Clarenville as early as this week says Clarenville Heritage Society president Camilla Shea.

We have been waiting for the snow to go and now its a matter of waiting for the ground to firm up.

The cars were part of a four-car display at the Railway Coastal Museum, previously located on Mount Scio Road in St. Johns.

In October the Heritage Society was invited to look at all four units. The bad news; the baggage and sleeper cars were beyond repair and will be headed for the scrap heap. The good news; the locomotive the first one brought to Newfoundland in 1954 by CN and the first diesel to make the trial trip across the island and the dining car were in good condition. The Heritage Society could have them free of charge.

The Society would just have to cover the cost of transportation, approximately $27,000.

Not willing to let this chance of a lifetime slip away the group went to work to raise the necessary funds.

We are not sure of the timetable when they will arrive here,says OShea.We anticipate they will be coming down past the Clarenville Inn, across the (Lower Shoal Harbour) bridge and along Marine Drive to the railway station.

We are working to ensure there is minimal disruption to people. We are told it (the trucks transporting the cars) wont take up the whole width of the road and there will be room for traffic to get around.
We will be talking to the town to make sure that it is going to happen with minimal obstruction to people, explains OShea.

In the meantime the Heritage Society is moving around some of the cars currently located adjacent to the Clarenville Railway Station to make room for the new arrivals.

We would like the 900 locomotive to be up front next to the railway station facing back toward the town so it will be the first thing you see. We have moved the switcher and the flatbed further back.

The dining car and caboose will be attached to the 900.

Heritage Society members are also laying some heavier track near the old railway station to accommodate the locomotive.

The cars were loaded onto flatbed trucks last week in preparation for the trip to Clarenville and could arrive as early as this week.


All Aboard for Clarenville
It's not the Trouter's Special, but there will be a train on the move this weekend. The rail car which has been stored on Mount Scio Road in St. John's for the past number of years will be towed to Clarenville on Saturday. Camilla O'Shea, president of the Clarenville Heritage Society, says the flatbed will leave St. John's at about 5am Saturday and arrive in Clarenville by about 9am. The society raised about $27,000 to restore the rail cars, which include the dining car. The town already has a caboose stored at its railway station.


Clarenville prepares for arrival of 900 locomotive
It was September, 1990, when the last train rumbled
through Clarenville Trinity Bay.
Now, almost 17 years later another diesel locomotive is preparing to make one last stop in the town. However, this time the locomotive will be traveling by highway instead of rails.
The number 900 locomotive and a Canadian National Railway dining car are expected to make the journey to Clarenville as early as this week says Clarenville Heritage Society president Camilla OShea.

My thought's

Howdy folks,thank the heavens something is finally being done to perserve CNR#900 and related railcars,i have a few photo's added too this site,that i took just today on mount sio, cnr#900 is certinally going too a place that she well be well looked after,i hope she goes too a nice home,it's a shame that she is such hard shape..what a
i have been visiting #900 for about 5 years or so,every year she was falling apart,and being vandalised.

good luck folks,i hope #900 goes too a much more worthy home then St.johns has given her.

all the best,good luck with the relocation. Darrell Steele / VO1MDS