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Witless bay "12-oclock hill"
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 12-oclock hill is located right between the communities of Baybulls and Witless bay newfoundland,12-oclock hill runs out towards the point of land known too locals as the point,this railbed is very well preserved,hardly no errosion has accured,in most sections,grass is growing on the railbed,with trees on either side,the trackbed in some sections are reaching high above the surronding landscape,with embankments reaching heights of 40ft or more,one section along the trackbed,you can just see the sea shimering through the trees,looking down the embankments i thought to myself,if a train jumped the track here,it would not stop till it reached the sea shore hundreads of feet below,in some sections you can
clearly see where construction crews manually removed
tons and tons of blasted roack from both side of the
railbed,in one area the embankments reached a height of
nearly 20ft on both sides.if you plan this walk,be ready for
atleast a hours walk just too reach the halfway point
between Baybulls and Witless bay. the railbed is in great
condition with only one bad section too find yourself across,
one area at one point an old wooden tressle once stood where a steep embankment now sits,just follow the path too the left
and down the side,cross the brook,and walk up the other side.
other then that,beleave it or not,but you could use a wheelchair on the first section prior too where the tressle once
stood,the trackbed is in that great shape,all i have too say
about it is"   WOW !

well preserved rail line,80years after abondonment

typical condition of the rail line today.

notice old track ties still in place. 80yrs later

old concrete drainage colverts

old 80year+ spike