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avondale railway station "new photos"

 here is old avondale station,fully restored to its once proud heyday,theres a railway museum inside this building,and this station also boosts a working train that operates on the original newfoundland railway line,but only 1.5km's still exists to this day,and a few old reminders of the newfoundland railway can still be seen along this once busy,but not forgotten about railway line.



here a small tourist train just about ready to take passengers down the 1.5km streatch of track and back again.


i took this shot lying down between the rails,looking towards avondale railway station,can you notice the chunks ripped out of the old ties from trains of long ago ??


 the remains of an old forgotten about boxcar,can be seen from the original tracks,that are still intact to this day.


heres the remains of old boxcar #603,she has taken a very bad beating over the years,but still manged to keep her number plate intact. ( bottem center right )


here sits proudly engine #925 waiting for her next orders,although she never well,this engine is one of most well restored engines left in newfoundland.


 this coach is still used today,altough not running the rails,she is being used as a resturant during the summer months,and as such,is fully restored with even the plates,cups,silverware that the newfoundland railway once proudly had on display.


 here we see an old mailcar,although she no longer carries mail,she is now serves as the kitchen for the resturant car.


 what would a station be,without a caboose to show off. notice this caboose also carries the terra-transport logo.


and of course the famous pushplow.