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P.C. O'Driscoll gets $100,000 contract for rails,etc.
for the new Trepassy Branch Railway line.
Cashin, Sir Michael (1864-1926), [Prime Minister] of Newfoundland (1919) He was the prime mover in the attempt to secure a branch railway to Trepassey The old southern shore Newfoundland Railway Branch Line was completed in 1914,But After the government took over the railway in 1923 an effort was made to serve the less-travelled lines using trolley-like "day coaches" on the Bay de Verde, Trepassey and Heart's Content lines. The Bay de Verde and Trepassey lines were closed in winter, and in 1931 were closed altogether, at 104 miles, the Trepassey branch was constructed 1911-13, providing a rail connection to St. John's from the Southern Shore.

  Isn't it amazing how long the shadows of our past can last?

Sir Michael Cashin represented Ferryland district from 1893 until 1923, when he was forced to resign owing to ill health.  It was through the help of Sir Michael Cashin that the railroad to Trepassey was brought about, so he turned the first sod of the Trepassey branch on the 12 day May 1911.
 Cape Broyle also had a railway.  It was a great help to economy of the place during the building and operation of the railroad.  The first sod of the railway was turned by Michael Cashin, Member for Ferryland district, from 1893.  The sod was first turned on 12th May 1911 and on the 3rd day December 1911 the road was opened and the rails were laid to 3 miles inside of Ferryland, when the work on the road closed until the spring 1912.  Late 1912 the road was opened to Trepassey.  The railroad opened for freight and passenger in 1913.  The railroad ran from 1913 until 1931 when it closed and the rails were taken up in November 1933.
 The Railroad came to Cape Broyle and Trepassey.  The first railroad to Trepassey, Sir Michael Cashin, Member for Ferryland district, turned the first sod at Waterford Bridge on May 12th, 1911 and the 3rd day December the rails were laid to 4 miles inside Ferryland.  The Nfld Company finished the railroad to Trepassey in 1912, but the railroad was not open for freight or passenger until 1913.  From 1913 until the late 1920s it carried on good but in 1931 the railroad closed for good.  The rails were taken up in 1933.