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Trepassy --- The end of the line ---

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Welcome too the community of Trepassy
as we entered Trepassy and filled up on fuel,we drove down towards the beach and noticed a street name called "old track road",which you guessed it,is part of the old railway line,at this location we both were trying too figure out how the railway entered the community,after further investigation,we figured there was in a fact a switch located near this road,because the track went straight ahead,and across the beach,and also it seemed there was some sort of railway structure,maybe a railway station located just too the right of "old track road",since there was a large concrete foundation,which what looked like a horizontal water concrete storage tank rack,after further investigation,we noticed a concrete wall,with one side going straight down,and the other side of the wall going out on an angle,we have seen this type of construction near most railway station platforms along the line,so with this in mind,this has to have been some sort of a railway structure,but right now quite unknown.
Now if you follow along the beach from "old track road",you well come too a little hill in the road,the track followed the shoreline around the bottom of this small hill,and came out into a wide very flat area,which we have investigated fully,and the only logical explanation of it being there,was a railway yard for the freight cars and other equipment too be stored and loaded for the travel back too St.johns.
With all this mind,we think we have followed the line right into the railyard and station areas. we are not 100% sure,but from what we have seen,this must have been the way the line entered the community.


Here we can see a small embankment which is the railway line running towards the beach,and off the right of this same photo,lies the remains of some sort of railway concrete structure,a railway station maybe.


Here is the ramains of an old concrete structure,maybe a railway station,off in the background next too that white home,is where the railway line runs.


In this photo,which is located on the other side the beach,this is where the original railway yard was located,being so flat in nature,and being very easy too access for the locomotive and it's cargo.
although we found no artifacts of the railway even being located here,we did find some real old brick,and some old square head nails,which was in high abundance around the time the railway was running here "1911-1935".


Lonely railway concrete bridge sits at the outskirts of town,waiting for the next passenger train,but never again well the railway come too town.
here the railway line runs the right in this photo.