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southern shore railway line

The fate of CN #900
CNR#900 getting ready for Relocation
CNR #900 home at last
CN #900 August,11,2007
Logos of the Newfoundland Railway
Ode To Newfoundland
accidents on the newfoundland railway
newfoundland railway photos from 1950's and 60's
Paridise Newfoundland
Whitburne Station
Clarenville station
St.johns railway station
cornerbrook station
lewisport station
bishops falls station
avondale station
Harbour grace station
carbonear branch line
victoria branch line
mount sio st.johns
old boxcar found in foxtrap
Trepassy too St.johns railway line
hearts content railway branch line
newfoundland railway today

All aboard...!!
"next stop,Trepassy"


"Hello,hope your enjoying the website!"
we would like your help in the exploration of the
Trepassy too St.Johns railway branch line.
If you have any old photo's from the time this
railway was in operation,or even photo's from today
and you would like too share them with us,then
please email us at:
Thank you in advance

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Trepassy railway information

Explored railway sections

Kilbride "eastern section"

Kilbride "western section

Goulds Eastern section

Goulds Western section

Bay Bulls bigpond "eastern section"

Bay Bulls Bigpond "western section R.O.W"

Bay Bulls railway station site

Bay Bulls "12-oclock hill"

Witless bay "12-oclock hill"

Witless bay "track road south"

Witless Bay "northern section"

Town of Mobile railway station site

Town of Mobile railway line

Town of Tor's cove railway line

La Manche railway bridge - New Photos

Cape Broyle east - horse chops road

Ferryland railway line

fermeuse Railway line

Portugal Cove South

Trepassy --- The end of the line ---

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Topo maps of the Trepassy railway line

Southern shore railway line "Artifacts found"

My thoughts of this very Historic railway line

This railway line runs through some of the most
spectacular scenery you well ever see anywhere.