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Hello again,if you live near Hearts Content or any
of the communities that the Hearts Content branch
ran thru,i would love too view your photo's of the
railway line out that way,because i live in St.Johns,it
is just too far too venture out this way too explore
this branch line,although i would love too.
so if you have old photo's of this railway while in
operation,or from years later,or even today and
would like too share them with us,then please
email me at:
 Thank you in advance


First train on the Heart's Content branch, 26 July 1915.
From the A.R. Penney Collection. Courtesy of Harry Cuff Publications

Community of Hearts Delight - Trinity Bay

The Reids were rewarded by being awarded contracts to build five new branch lines - from Clarenville to Bonavista, from Broad Cove to Heart's Content and Grate's Cove, from Goobies to Fortune Bay, from Deer Lake to Bonne Bay and from St. John's to Trepassey.

Again in 1915 Hearts Content had another success added to its history, the railway. It connected Hearts Content with the Conception Bay branch of the then Reid Newfoundland Railway system. Besides trade to and from the town, a rail connection enabled the Anglo-Newfoundland Development Company to use Hearts Content as a winter port for shipments of newsprint from its mill in Grand Falls. The Company built a large warehouse and docking facilities on the waterfront and for twenty years provided seasonal

employment for a number of local people. However, in 1935 the Company discontinued using the port. Almost immediately the railway was closed.

1915--- July 26, the first train ran on the Hearts Content branch of the Newfoundland Railway.The Anglo Newfoundland Development Company at Grand Falls decided to utilize Hearts Content as a winter shipping port for newsprint destined for the United Kingdom.

1939--- March 6, the last passenger train departed Hearts Content.

1940--- The railway was closed and the rails were taken up.